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The Industries in Toronto in Love With Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

December 30, 2019

Think of custom sheet metal fabrication, and what comes to mind? Your prevailing mindset may be to think about factories that produce massive quantities of sheet metal. But there is more to this tale…



…while often associated with cars and infrastructures, sheet metal fabrication goes beyond vehicle and construction supply manufacturing. 


In fact, four of the world's most prominent industries are heavily reliant on custom metal fabricators. 


Movie Set Products
The film and movie industry is worth billions; while many of us think many of the set pieces are CGI with green screens all around, the simple truth is that half of the sets require solid, reliable construction that meets the film producer's aesthetic and structural demand. Reliable custom sheet metal fabrication, such as that provided by Demtra Sheet Metal industries, considers all details of the movie scenes and utilize the manufactured pieces to ensure stability.


Home Renovations
Home remodeling and renovations are a multi-million dollar industry; custom sheet metal fabrication incorporates hundreds of manufacturing requests from renovators and designers all over the Greater Toronto Area. Look no further than Demtra for proof of this, having personally worked with world-renowned home renovation experts ‘Property Brothers’ in 2018 we co-designed and solely manufactured a custom hood vent cover for one of their projects.


Medical Equipment Design and Manufacturing
Stretchers, defibrillators, measuring equipment, and specialised specimen ovens and storage units require the most accurate measurements and precise manufacturing methods possible. Reputable sheet metal fabricators create the housing and internal storage architecture that provide medical equipment with a highly durable shell that complies with its design and function.


Infrastructure Development
All construction projects require sheet metal fabrication for any potential cladding needs. It is commonplace for architectural designs to have complex structural shapes with individualized specifications for strength and long-term lifespan. 


Sheet metal fabricators with decades of experience such as us at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries have case-specific methods to ensure we conform to stringent manufacturing accuracy and consistent precision for all of our fabricated outputs.


Every Business Needs The Best Custom Metal Fabricators Around
Reliability, consistency, and experience are the three most important traits a custom sheet metal fabrication company should possess. If you have yet to find a contractor with these three remarkable traits that are important in four of the world's biggest industries then contact us at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries. 


Not only have we been providing Toronto the best sheet metal fabrication services for over 40 years, Demtra’s quality is the sum of its highly-trained professionals and top-notch equipment for custom metal fabrication. Reach out to correspond with a member of our team