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The Powerful Potential of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

January 19, 2015

When you need personalized attention to your fabrication solutions, custom sheet metal fabrication allows the possibilities to have unique products that are not restricted to any required standards. The idea of custom sheet metal fabrication opens the metal industry to a world of explorations that is inexhaustible hence allowing the customer to venture into his tapped and untapped imagination.

Careful and thoughtful preparations are done right from the time the customer meets with the team of experts who have a positive attitude ready to receive the instruction; a detailed design might be presented by the customer or a rough sketch, in this case with the help use of computerized enabled devices the team is able to come up with a design at the shortest time possible, the nature of the material to be used is also discussed to ensure that the finished product or the project at hand meets the quality required and its functionality in all aspects. Common metal types used include iron, nickel, silver, magnesium, titanium, brass, aluminum and steel Each and every procedure is fully documented.

Specified raw materials are then taken through the process of cutting. Investing in upgraded methods of cutting available in the market assures best results have been achieved no matter how heavy or thick the type of metal is, plasma, lasers and water jet cutters and or computer numerical controlled torch are a must have technologies during the cutting process. Punching, rolling and bending then follows, to make accurate and precise bends the use of a hydraulic press break is applied, form bending is also used when it comes to simple bends. The final and vital processes of fabrication are welding and assembly of the finished products. Once the desirable shapes and forms are now evident the product is taken through post-fabrication treatments which include and not limited to bonding, riveting, grinding and painting.

Custom sheet metal fabrication services provide all industries with unlimited solutions. Imagine it, design it and we will make it.