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The Role of Welding in Metal Fabrication

January 08, 2020

Welding and metal fabrication are essential parts of custom sheet metal fabrication. While it is often the case that both concepts are used throughout the fabrication process, there appears to be a common misconception about what these two terms mean. Many believe that they are the same thing, and are therefore interchangeable.


While both of these methods are similar in their ability to configure metal objects and structures, welding and metal fabrication should not be lumped together as one in the same.


In today’s blog, our goal is to shed some light on this common misconception by comparing and contrasting welding versus custom sheet metal fabrication.


Categorizing Welding and Metal Fabrication


As a starting point, it’s worth delineating welding from metal fabrication by categorizing each process. Metal fabrication can be thought of the as the larger umbrella which encompasses multiple processes. Metal fabrication is the bending, cutting, and assembly of metal objects and structures. The bending, cutting, and assembly of a metal object are the various processes used in the completion of a metal structure or object.


The Role of Welding


Welding plays a fundamental role in the assembly of a metal structure or object – which means we can come to understand welding as one method within the metal fabrication process. Welding involves the conjoining of multiple metal parts through melting and sparking. Whereas metal fabrication by comparison, encompasses more than a singular method of achieving custom sheet metal fabrication project results.


Encompassing Metal Fabrication


Fabrication includes the conceptualization of the project in addition to the processes that are fundamental in achieving the project end goal. Laser cutting machines, welding torches, milling equipment, and deburring equipment are examples of some of the machines that carry out various metal fabrication processes.


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