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The Top 3 Techniques Used in Welding Fabrication in Toronto

May 03, 2018

Welding is used interchangeably with metal fabrication but it is just one of the many crucial processes involved in the manufacturing of machined parts. It is the process of joining two parts using fusion and is mostly used in forming metal. Welding fabrication in Toronto uses various methods to weld different products.


The Three Main Techniques used in Welding Fabrication in Toronto


Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Also referred to as Stick welding, this is great for heavy-duty applications in construction sites. It can also be used on dirty or rusty metal parts. Stick welding uses low cost equipment and does not need shielding gas. However, it cannot be used on thin materials and requires a high-level of skills and training.


Tungsten Arc Welding

One of the commonly used welding fabrication in Toronto, this type is also known as TIG and is ideal to weld alloys. It is very useful in fabricating pipelines, motorcycles and aerospace metal parts. TIG can also weld very thin sheets of metal that produces high quality outputs. Using it brings a spatter-free work and aesthetic finished. But in terms of financial cost, the equipment needed is quite expensive and requires shielding gas.


Metal Arc Welding

Also called as MIG, this technique is popular in manufacturing plants. It is very efficient and excellent to weld automotive components. It requires low heat, very easy to learn, releases fewer fumes with minimal mess. Unlike the Stick welding, MIG is not good to weld thick materials and will not work in vertical positions. Same with TIG, the equipment used is expensive and also needs external shielding gas.


Knowing which technique works best for your project needs the expertise of professional in welding fabrication in Toronto - like Demtra Sheet Metal Industries. With our more than four decades of experience in this industry, we fully understand how each welding process works best. We also have the knowhow of the various materials used in welding. Our advanced welding machinery and tools are kept upgraded to cope every type of project with unique requirements. Our team of professionals are trained in the latest techniques of welding and custom metal fabrication.


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