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The Varied and Unique Design Options with Elevator Interiors

November 09, 2020

Each year, elevators across North America transport about millions of passengers.

Elevators are one of the most utilized elements of a multi-story building.

Apart from safety as its prime concern, aesthetics and design also have a huge role to play in constructing elevator interiors. On average, there are five passengers looking at the design details as they go up or down inside an elevator. Thankfully, elevator cabs, once carefully designed, can transform from just a necessity to a unique feature that capitalizes on their constant use. Apart from considering the space inside the elevator itself, designers also have to take into account the entire design of the building. 


This is because elevator interiors have to be tied to the rest of the building to give a positive first impression. To achieve a welcoming and appealing interior, a multitude of designs, materials, and accessories can be considered. Whether your building is classic, serene or modern, there are elements that can ideally complement the overall building design. You just have to specify the system you need to a dedicated company that can help with the nuances and requirements specific to the interior. Our team here at Demtra Sheet Metal can give you the right material and finished samples to ensure that they perfectly match your design preferences. 


Apart from design deliberations, there are other important nuts and bolts of elevator designs that have to be thoroughly considered. These particularly include the compliance and safety points. First, the elements of the cab interior must conform to its specified weight restrictions or loading capacity. Second, elevator interiors should comply with all the provincial, federal, and municipal regulations or codes. Third, the materials used to construct them must be fire-rated and tested in their end-use configuration. Finally, elevators are often taken for granted and are overlooked space but they can be turned into a great lift experience for passengers who use it day in and day out. 


If you’re looking to add a unique element to your building with a custom elevator design, or even if you need to renovate an existing one, our team at Demtra Sheet Metal is here for you. Contact us today for help with your next elevator project!