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The Various Processes Involved in Welding Fabrication in Toronto

December 18, 2017

The Various Processes Involved in Welding Fabrication in Toronto


Metal fabrication provides great solutions and possibilities with its flexibility. It enables metal to take on a range of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of various manufacturers and customers. The resulting fabricated products range from small and simple items such as bolts and nuts, to large metal pieces in big projects.


A range of metalworking companies offer welding fabrication in Toronto as a service. Welding fabrication is a type of metal fabricating that joins crafted metal structures together. Most of the metal objects or machines you use at home or work are a result of this process.


How it Works: The Welding Fabrication Process


Welding fabrication in Toronto involves several activities. Before the design is ready for fabrication, the metal goes through various stages starting from cutting. At this stage, a prototype is cut and carefully inspected for any defects. Special band saws are used to cut smaller shapes in metals, while cutting torches are a better choice to cut large pieces.


The other options to cut are the plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and laser cutting. They are perfect for more precise cutting applications. The metal pieces are then flattened and bent as required.


Welding fabrication in Toronto also involves bending. Metal shapes that have been cut are bent using several methods to get to the planned shape of the piece. The ideal tools for this are punches and dies. There is other machinery to use as well to control direction and magnitude for precision and perfection.


After the individual pieces have been cut, bent, and punched as needed, they are welded together to form the final piece. Various types of electrodes are used, depending on the parent material, the technique of welding, and the quality of welds needed. All these and more result in a smooth and reliable welded structure.             


When you are looking for a welding fabrication service in Toronto, it is best to partner with a shop with many years of experience in this industry, equipped with advanced machinery, highly skilled welders, and expert craftsmen. We’ve got all these qualities at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd.


We are the experts in custom welding fabrication in Toronto, producing high quality fabricated pieces that are built exactly to our client’s requirements. With our fabrication services, you can rest assured that your fabricated products are crafted with durability and perfection.