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The Various Technologies Used During Sheet Metal Fabrication

February 11, 2021

Modern technologies have become more efficient, that working great wonders in sheet metal fabricating in Toronto. It paved the way for the many various techniques employed to create the final product, including laser technology.


Each of these techniques is described below.


CO₂ Laser Cutting

This type of laser technology uses a gas mixture to generate a beam for sheet metal fabricating in Toronto. A wear-free semiconductor excitation module creates the needed high voltage in the resonator. Many fabricators think that this technique is faster to use in a straight line, offering much quicker piercing times, and provides a smoother surface finish when cutting thicker materials.


Fibre Optic Laser Cutting

A fibre-optic laser beam creates energy that is absorbed into the surface of the material being cut. This energy is then converted into heat that melts and cuts the material into parts. This cutting technology offers a high level of precision at a much greater speed. It is ideal to use in cutting reflective materials such as titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, and galvanized steel. 


Waterjet Cutting

This method utilizes water through a high-pressure pump that cuts into the material with a force as high as 60,000 psi. Fabricators use this technique to cut thicker materials where heat from a laser can interfere with the cut, resulting in poor quality. Additionally, waterjets can handle steel, ceramic as well as a stone where a laser would be unusable.


Plasma Cutting

A high number of sheet metal fabricating in Toronto finds this technology very effective in cutting through electrically conductive materials using plasma, a hot electrically ionized gas. The electricity that travels from the torch down to the plasma creates heat that is sufficient to melt the material. Meanwhile, the compressed gas and the high-velocity plasma blow the molten parts away allowing them to cut through the metal. Being low cost but high speed, plasma cutting is widely applied for larger industrial cutting projects. 


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