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Things to Know About Designing Elevator Interiors

August 13, 2018

Elevators are incredibly important to buildings, especially high rises. Countless elevator trips take place collectively throughout Toronto every day. While safety is of the utmost importance during operation, the design of elevator interiors also plays an essential role.


It’s important to consider these few things when designing elevator interiors:


Reflecting the Building's Overall Design

Elevators are typically located near the entrance of a building. Thus, elevator cabs offer a great opportunity to give visitors a positive first impression of the building. Well-designed elevator interiors can help alleviate boredom and any possible anxiety by using a comfortable and beautiful aesthetic for its interior.


In addition to considering a few square feet of an open space, the entire building design should also be taken into account when designing elevator interiors. Consistency is important to design and, as such, it should complement or reflect the overall aesthetic that the building has.  


Innovating the Design

One innovative idea to consider is to integrate stylish materials within your design. You can choose any design element you want. Just go with a style that won’t adversely affect the weight, function, or efficiency of your elevator interiors.


Creative innovations will help you be at the forefront of your business. Just keep yourself updated with the latest cutting edge, innovative materials and design ideas which are constantly introduced to the metal fabrication and elevator design industry.


A wide variety of finishes and accessories are available at your disposal to make your elevator interiors beautiful. You can select from a number of materials and components that can perfectly match the overall design of your building, whether it be classic or modern.


With high quality custom metal fabrication capabilities, we at Demtra provide quality expertise and support at every stage of the elevator construction process anywhere in the GTA. Our fabrication experts combine function and style for top quality and beautiful custom elevator interiors and finishes, so contact us today!