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Three Interesting Facts About the Metal Fabrication Industry

July 24, 2019

Metal is all around us everywhere we go – they hold up the sturdiest structures and can also be found in sculptures, cars, and even the smallest toys and decorative pieces such as jewelry. All this is possible thanks to metal fabrication, which is the art and science of shaping, cutting, and molding metal to create products. From sheet metal bending to laser cutting and welding, significant developments have been made within the industry. As experts of custom metal fabrication in Toronto, Demtra continues to pioneer new frontiers in metal fabrication.


Here are some interesting facts about the metal fabrication industry:


Fact #1: One of the most frequently used metals is steel, typically used as a framing material for buildings. This is because it provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Steel is light but is very strong – about 1,000 times stronger than iron. Steel’s popularity has made it the third biggest industry after oil and gas globally. Another great potential of steel is its recyclability. In North America, almost 70% or 80 million tons of used steel is recycled annually. Take note, recycled steel doesn’t lose its strength.


Fact #2: The average age of welders is 54. This tends to be because welders stay within the industry, honing their craft over many years. Our facility for custom metal fabrication in Toronto sees welders and technicians from all walks of life. In fact, it is projected that the industry will grow even more as new, younger workers join the scene and learn skills from the more experienced generation.


Fact #3: Several hundreds of hours of work labour are needed in the manufacture of cars including welding, metal forming, and bending. In order to manufacture high-end race cars, it can take thousands of hours.


Demtra are experts in custom metal fabrication in Toronto, having served the industry for years thanks to its dynamic, vibrant, and fun culture. Get in touch today to learn more about this rewarding work!