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Tips For Keeping Elevator Interiors Clean

November 25, 2021

An elevator is one of the essential features of any building. It offers convenience and helps visitors save time. Imagine how inconvenient it would be to take a long flight of stairs to reach the top floor of your office building. However, having an elevator is not enough; maintaining the elevator interiors and exteriors is equally important. Thanks to custom sheet metal fabrication, the interiors of most of the elevators nowadays are made using stainless steel sheets that are extremely durable and can be cleaned easily.


Tips for cleaning elevator interiors


A filthy elevator could discourage visitors from using it. This could reflect poorly on your building or establishment. Follow these simple tips to keep your elevator clean and sanitary.


Get rid of stains

Stains and dirt patches are common in elevators if not appropriately maintained. Removing stains is the first step towards having a cleaner elevator. You can use the classic water and soap combination for this. You can also use alcohol-based cleaners to remove tough stains.



With people using the elevators in large numbers every day, just getting rid of stains is not enough. The touchpoints have to be disinfected thoroughly. If not disinfected, the elevators could be breeding grounds for bacteria. 


Pay special attention to the vents

Ventilation is an integral part of any elevator. Therefore, effective cleaning of the elevator interior is not possible without cleaning the vents. With time, dust and debris accumulated on the vents could affect the airflow. This could affect the air quality inside the elevator.


Clean mirrors are essential

One of the main features of an elevator interior is often a mirror. If not cleaned regularly with good quality glass cleaners, the mirrors might have smudges, dirt, and grease. 


Pay special attention to elevator floors

The floor of an elevator should be vacuumed and mopped regularly. Cleaning the elevator floor is one of the most important elements of having a disinfected elevator. If there is a trash bin inside the elevator, empty it regularly to avoid spilling.

If you are looking to upgrade the interiors of your elevator, we at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd. can help you. Contact us today for sheet metal fabrication services of the highest quality.