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Top Custom Metal Fabrication Techniques

March 23, 2018

Metal fabrication is very different from custom metal fabrication. Both processes have distinct factors and fabrication techniques. Normal metal design involves solutions geared at developing generic products often needed for assembly, construction and industrial applications. Custom metal fabrication in Toronto entails the development and use of techniques to meet very specific design objectives for end products, prototypes or customized solutions. 


Top Techniques for Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto


There are several techniques that metal working companies utilize to cut, shape, and weld together sheet metal. Here are the preferred methods:


Expanding Metal

To open up space in a metal object, one would either use a wire mesh or punch holes into the metal sheet using a laser or a CNC punch. Another way to add space is to put the metal sheet through an expanding machine. This stretches out the metal while a special knife cuts specific shapes into it. No materials are lost, however, as the space is created when the metal sheet stretches around the knife. The resulting metal sheet is stronger than woven wire mesh of the same thickness. It's also lighter than solid sheets and there's less waste.


Laser Cutting

For projects where the metal sheet has a complicated shape or design, a laser cutting machine and an experienced technician is needed. This machine can make a smooth cut in whatever shape is required. Lasers are also preferred over CNC punching in these cases as it results in less physical stress on the metal sheet, leaving it stronger.


Metal Bending and Folding

When using these two methods of custom metal fabrication in Toronto, pressure is administered on the edges of the metal sheet to make a sheering effect. The sheets are then flattened and smoothened via hammers, press brakes, and vices.


While conventional metal sheets are popular, some projects require sheets with specialized designs or distinct shapes. A reliable custom metal fabrication shop can help provide you with the right material.


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