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Unique Design Possibilities with Elevator Interiors

September 10, 2018

Every year, commercial and residential elevators transport millions passengers. Elevators are one of the most used utilities in multi-story or high rise buildings. Apart from their primary concern, safe operation, aesthetics and design in elevator interiors play a significant role in how clients, employees or residents feel about the building and its management.


Professionally designed elevator interiors strengthen confidence in your business and help present an image of modernity, success and energy that complements your building.


Elevator cabs, when carefully designed, can transform from a necessity utility into a unique feature which capitalizes on their constant use. In addition to the space in the elevator itself, designers also have to consider the entire design and style of the building in order to complement it.


Elevator interiors should reflect the style of the building to provide a positive and lasting first impression. To create a welcoming and appealing interior, Demtra offers professional design and materials to match the atmosphere your business wants to foster.


Whether the building has a classic feel or a more modern and chic style, there are elements, facets and materials that can perfectly complement the overall design. We can help your business identify the ideal system and style for your clientele, staff of residents, ensuring they feel comfortable, confident and driven. Our team can provide expert advice on materials and finishes to ensure that they match your vision completely.


Elevator design and style is, of course, only part of the equation. With expert consulting and installation, Demtra can guarantee the elements of the cab interior conform to the specified weight restrictions or loading capacity of the elevator. We have the knowledge and experience to meet all provincial, federal, and municipal regulations and we only employ materials that are fire-rated and tested in their end-use configuration.


Elevator interiors are often taken for granted and overlooked, but they can be turned into a great experience for passengers who use it on a daily basis or who may be your next important client. Contact Demtra Steel today to learn more about our expert designers and how we can help your enterprise succeed.