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Upgrading Building Facilities with Custom Metal Fabrication

May 17, 2019

As new buildings continue developing all over Toronto, older buildings are now faced with the incentive to upgrade their facilities. Newer properties are also seeking effective ways to ensure the quality of their buildings.


Fortunately, Demtra provides custom metal fabrication in Toronto, right on the doorstep of many emerging properties. These services help buildings boost their aesthetic and value, and increase the overall quality of the structure.


A good place to start is with the building’s elevator – in addition to increasing visual appeal, this can help improve the safety of elevators. Our custom metal fabrication in Toronto can help you achieve all this.


Demtra’s service targets various areas in upgrading a building’s elevators such as but not limited to:


Elevator Fixtures


You may want to customize the car operation panels, hall call devices, and phone boxes in your elevator. For added functionality, you might want also want to add handrails to your elevator so that they are more friendly to the elderly or disabled.


With Demtra, you can choose the material you want for these elevator fixtures, such as polished or brushed stainless steel, and more. Custom metal fabrication in Toronto has never been more versatile!


Lighting and Mirrors


Elevators can be a tricky space for people suffering from claustrophobia. Having mirrors inside an elevator may help reduce their anxiety and create the impression of a wider space. Also, mirrors are a better alternative to clear glass lifts, as the latter option may prove disorienting or even frightening for people suffering from vertigo or acrophobia.


Our metal fabrication services can also be applied to lighting. Choosing the right lighting for your elevator can help set the right tone and impression of your building.


Floors and Ceilings


The floors and ceilings of an elevator make much more of an impression on people that you would think. Our custom metal fabrication in Toronto has been instrumental in beautifying many elevators across the city, supplying the crucial metal parts that go into customizing these unique designs.




Doors are the first point of contact for elevators, and so you will want the design of your doors to sync up with the rest of the building’s look. We can help bring your design goals to life.


For any of your custom elevator needs, Demtra can provide support and expertise at every stage of the process.


Our skilled metal fabricators offer the best custom metal fabrication in Toronto. Whether you want a new elevator or revamp your old lift, we combine function and style to give you beautiful, high-quality, custom finishes every time.