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What Mistakes Not To Make In Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project in Toronto
What Mistakes Not To Make In Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project in Toronto
May 10, 2018

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto is an intense operation. Precision and quality expectations are high, lead times are short, and the ever-looming deadline has to be adhered to, lest that un-delivered elevator car inconvenience several hundred people or that delayed set means missing a movie production deadline.


High quality machinery, expert fabricators, a tightly run procurement and production process and effective ERP are essential to meeting tight deadlines and high client expectations.


There are several things that can help avoid all such mis-fates, but if you are absolutely convinced about making your next custom metal fabrication job in Toronto late, over budget and a tiresome hassle, then here are some pointers.

Just as a disclaimer, we recommend against these practices (and would suggest taking this list as a ‘what not to do’); nevertheless, here are some good ways to fudge your project.


  1. Under-engineer – Nothing has quite the detrimental impact on a metal fabrication project as under-engineering in the initial design stages. Don’t plan out tolerances, account for metal strength, hole placements and bonding options, and the progression of custom metal fabrication in Toronto becomes much more a Hollywood mystery.
  2. Unskilled operatorsRelying on inexperienced, unskilled or simply unavailable metal fabricators is also the perfect recipe for waste, an adequate finished product – and probably a missed deadline. Modern custom metal fabrication in Toronto relies heavily on machines, and it is imperative that the operator be unfamiliar with the programming and operation of the tool.
  3. Unplanned production – A lack of coordination between the sales team’s projections to clients, procurement of parts, and production managers is a healthy indicator of a metal fabrication project that is going to cause much consternation for all involved.
  4. Outdated equipment – The final cherry on the proverbial haphazard custom metal fabrication in Toronto cake is the use of equipment from decades ago, when computers themselves looked like milling machines. The lack of quality and inaccuracy that can be achieved with archaic and poorly maintained equipment is eye-opening. Its propensity for enormous inefficiency should not be discounted when assessing over-budget production and late delivery.


Since at Demtra our ethos and endeavor is to deliver projects on-time, within budget and provide the best client service we can, the above would be considered ‘not-so-good practices’ and are avoided wholly.


Becoming the go-to for custom metal fabrication in Toronto means an efficient production line made possible by continual investment in machinery and experienced metal fabricators. For over 40 years Demtra has relied on this philosophy to work with and become trusted partners for some of the most demanding industries in Toronto.

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