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What Type of Services Do You Get During Custom Metal Fabrication?

March 03, 2021

Metal fabrication is the process of metal pieces being cut and formed into a final product. Stock metal parts come in different materials and dimensional specifications which often include sheet metal, metal rods, and bars, amongst others. Virtually all metal fabrication shops in the region can manufacture metal parts and final products into various sizes and shapes. However, once a manufacturer specifically requires a unique metal product dimension or a non-standard part, a custom sheet metal fabrication will provide both the design and production assistance to form built-to-order metal components.  


But what really makes the production of unique products possible? It is through careful design and planning. If the design stage isn’t done right, it may result in producing a custom metal part that has wrong dimensions, weak structure, and other undesirable attributes that can compromise the product’s integrity. This is where custom design services have a very important role to play in ensuring that optimal results of custom sheet metal fabrication. These services include the following. 


Product Conceptualization Assistance

Product conceptualizing is so important to help determine the precise material characteristics and dimensions to successfully accomplish the project. At this first stage, a general idea about how the final product will look like is produced, and important features such as appearance, strength and versatility are being provided. 


CAD Design

Computer-aided design or CAD software programs aid manufacturers in identifying any potential structural weaknesses of a product before the actual fabrication process starts. This is because the CAD program offers a good 3D representation of the product.


Design of Specialized Tools

Custom sheet metal fabrication can also help in designing your specialized production tool for unique projects your business is handling.

Finishing and Assembly Services

If your custom metal products require secondary finishing procedures for specific applications, metal fabricators can also assist in this aspect as well as assembly services. Finishing and assembly services include grinding, sawing, riveting, adhesive bonding, coating, and so on.  


Overall, choosing the right custom metal fabrication is the key to make sure that you achieve the highest quality and cost-effective finished products for your project. Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd. has over 40 years of experience, and we specialize in custom creations. Contact us today to learn about our full range of services!