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Why Buildings Across Toronto Are Renovating Their Elevator Interiors
Why Buildings Across Toronto Are Renovating Their Elevator Interiors
October 29, 2019

The commercial and residential landscape across the GTA is changing when it comes to elevator interiors.


An ever increasing push amongst property management is identifying the need for elevators to not only be functional, but fashionable.


The idea of elevators existing solely for the purpose of transporting personnel is subsiding. They now playing an ever more crucial role in the overall allure and aesthetic of a building’s design.


While employees and clients spend mere minutes within elevators, the mood they impart lasts much longer. Here are a few of the reasons why paradigms around elevator design are shifting:


Know Your Audience

Envision an upmarket, five-star hotel with specialized interiors. Now envision this same hotel outfitted with stock steel cladding for the interior of their elevators. This design choice will stick out in an abrasive and unappealing way to customers; the golden rule in this case is congruence.


Having your building architect relay their concepts to a custom sheet metal fabricator is important, not only for hotels, but for any sector – helping your brand streamline their appeal.


First Impression, Last Thought

When tasked with listing out the areas of an establishment that mark an impression on a client, people are quick to jump to the most salient aspects, e.g. property architecture, entryway, lighting, etc. However, one area that regularly goes unnoticed are elevator interiors; clients spend a substantial amount of time travelling within these intimate spaces, where details can be scrutinized more intensely, making it imperative to design a unique and comfortable interior.


It Doesn’t End with Utility

The be-all and end-all for elevators doesn’t have to be down to just their utility. While standard steel panels work great for supply and utility elevators, this doesn’t have to be relegated to the elevator interiors of your main units.


Utilising plain and glossy sheet metal for your elevators can often feel overly industrial or low-end, a feeling you want to avoid for such an intimate setting. Wide-spaced, and thoughtful designs allow your clients, customers, and guests to feel welcome through your hospitable building.


Own Your Look

A unique design is a memorable design, traced back to your building alone. One way of going about this is by working alongside sheet metal fabricators to implement customized sheet metal designer parts for your elevator. For instance, Demtra Sheet Metal Industries specialize in fabricating clients’ designs for elevator interiors and paneling with high quality finishes.


Raising the Bar for Your Elevators

For more than 40 years, the team at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries has contributed to countless residential and commercial buildings throughout Toronto, helping to realise their interior elevator design potential by providing custom metal fabrication to exact specifications. Let your building leave a lasting impression by getting in touch with us!

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