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Why You Should Seek Out Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

September 24, 2018

Conventional stock metal components are always highly available in many different shapes and sizes. However, they cannot provide you with the built-to-orders parts that custom metal fabrication in Toronto can. Custom metal fabrication is ideal for products that are unique and non-standard. At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, our team is fully equipped of handling any custom sheet metal products that you may need.


Popular Industries That Require Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto


Custom metal fabrication is a highly sought-after service for several unique industries. Custom steel products have a wide range of application. We ensure that all of our services are top of the line with superior quality and efficiency. All of our fabrications are stylish functional and can withstand regular or even extreme use. At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we have particular expertise on:


-Paneling and interiors for elevators and escalators



-Food processing equipment

-Sets for film productions

-Medical or healthcare equipment


The Custom Metal Fabrication Process


Providing high-quality custom metal fabrications in Toronto, we ensure that each product has to be custom-ordered and not mass produced. Custom metal fabrication is a complicated and sensitive process. We ensure that all of our employees are skilled in every aspect of the custom metal fabrication process, which includes:







-And more!


For every project we do, it will involve a variety of distinct and various methods and types of equipment. With us, every person is proficient in operating every equipment in our machine shop. This means that every person who works on your project is a part of every phase from start to finish. Your project is never passed around from person to person. Our process helps to ensure we provide the best quality results every time.


At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we have a top of the line facility, machinery, and skilled employees who are dedicated to ensuring every piece of custom metal is the best even on tight deadlines. We are the leaders in custom metal fabrication in Toronto. Call or email us today to discuss more about our products and services.